We are well aware that our activities bring with it both opportunity and responsibility.

We cannot sustain good financial and operational performance without simultaneously adhering to sound policies and program that will sustain the environment and the community within which we carry out our operations.

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We set no boundaries on what we can accomplish. Our “can do” entrepreneurial attitude backed with earthly resources and fired by our Vision makes achievement of set targets “fait accompli”

“To harness the nation’s solid mineral resources for the benefit of our stakeholders”

To be the market leader in the production and exportation of high-quality extractive minerals in Nigeria.

We have utilized the e-telescope to peep into light years ahead and that is also reflected in our name. We intend to explore, mine, and add value to solid minerals in Nigeria, on Earth, in the Universe, and eventually all the Universes that may exist this is the origin of our name “MULTIVERSE”

To our Staff– To be the employer of choice in the Nigerian mining industry

To our Investors – A return on investment that remains consistently superior in the long term

To the Host Communities – A continuous attitude of gratitude and strong contribution to community development and environmental replenishment

To our Customers – A guarantee of high-quality product at competitive price

Good corporate social Responsibility and safety of employees, customers and visitors at our locations