Multiverse Plc aims to create sustainable value in host communities in which we operate.

We recognize that our operations can have significant economic, social and environmental impacts on local communities throughout the life cycle of our mining projects.  Our approach will be to leverage positive impacts, including local hiring and procurement. Our approach to stakeholders engagement, employment and labour practices and investments in community infrastructure are detailed below.

Stakeholders Engagement

We recognize that effective stakeholders engagement can both create and manage risk by building a climate of mutual trust and respect. Beyond risk management, effective stakeholder engagement helps identify emerging issues that may influence evolving community perceptions, business operations and market conditions. Strategically, effective engagement is critical to establishing credibility as a partner of choice. Multiverse Plc believes it is essential to conduct dialogue in a spirit of openness, transparency and good faith, to be active listeners, and to follow up conscientiously on outstanding unresolved issues.




Employees and Contractors Health and safety on site
Working Conditions
Career advancement
Detailed HSE policies applicable to employees and contractors
Regular employee performance reviews
Employee training
Governments Fiscal and regulatory frameworks
Environmental compliance
Hiring of local labour
Regular consultations with, and adherence to government directives
Applications for environmental permits associated with expansions
Training and skills development
Local Communities Environmental and social impact of operations
Local employment and procurement
Community Infrastructure
As operating sites mature, meetings will be held with community representatives as required or upon request
Customers Reliable supplies
High quality products
Regular discussions and provision of health and safety data on Products
Labour Unions Workers interest Collective bargaining Maintenance of a mixture of individual and collective agreements Respect the right of each worker to freely choose to join a union.
Non-Governmental Organizations Social and environmental performance of operation Engagement with national and international NGOs primarily through and regular attendance at special forums on CSR related to the mining industry.
Shareholders Corporate Governance
Financial Performance
Risk assessment and mitigation
Continued vigilance with respect to business ethics Analyst and investor briefings and press releases
Financial Institutions Enhanced Sustainability reporting Responses to requests for information on HSE performance
Production of 2011 EIA Report