Multiverse Mining Exploration Plc Appoints Mr Mamman Bukar Zargana as Non-Executive Director

By Multiverse on Aug 26 in Information, The Company.

Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc (the Company) hereby notifies The Nigerian Stock Exchange (The Exchange), its shareholders and other stakeholders that at the 38th Board of Directors meeting held on the 1oth day of July, 2018, Mr. Mamman Bukar Zargana was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the Company with effect from the 1St day of August, 2018.

Brief Profile of Mr Mamman Bukar Zargana

Mamman Bukar Zargana is currently the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of Mainstreet Capital Limited. His experience in investment banking spans almost twenty (20) years, with in-adept investment banking practice, industry knowledge, strong corporate governance and compliance strategy.

His core competence is in Leadership and Management; Valuation and Fairness Option; Portfolio/Funds Management; Public Offers-Underwriting; Mergers and Acquisition; Privatization and Public Partnership; Strategic Advisory Services and Debt/Equity Capital market.

Mamman Bukar Zargana is a Non-Executive Director in Platform Capital Limited and Multiverse Mining & Exploration Plc. He is also an Honorable Member (Part-time) of Investments and Securities Tribunal (IST).

Zargana has served as adviser to companies involved in exploiting various investment opportunities in Nigeria. Investment areas include sectors like real estate, financial services, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and agro-allied, technology and telecommunications. He has variously advised on the restructuring of corporations, divestments, capital raisings and securitizations.

He holds a M.Sc. International Finance & Economic Policy, UK; Master in Business Administration, Lagos State; B.Sc. Accountancy, Borno State. Other certifications’ include Advanced Certificate in Investment Banking Switzerland; Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR); Fellow, Institute of Chartered Economist of Nigeria (ICEN); Associate, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM); Member, Institute of Directors of Nigeria (IoD); and Member, Nigerian Capital Market Institute (NCMI).