Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc was incorporated on 20th June 2002.  It was listed on the floor of Nigeria Stock Exchange on 8th October 2008 and has over 4,000 Shareholders.


Our philosophy reflects a deep-rooted belief that value is created through focusing on a few uncompromising fundamentals namely – solid management, operational excellence, optimized capital structures and sound long term strategic and business objectives.


  • Our God, Our People, Our Customers, and Our Investors are our Strength
  • To “eat, breathe and sleep the world of solid minerals”
  • Integrity and Ethical Business practice
  • Aggressiveness and Self Confidence
  • Corporate Social responsibility
  • Safety of employees, customers and visitors at our locations


  1. To acquire and explore properties exhibiting potential that host world-class mineral deposits
  2. To joint venture our properties with major mining companies having the technical and financial capacity to carry them through to full production

To retain a significant interest in these properties so that stakeholders could benefit from future profits with a minimum amount of investment risk.

Corporate Governance

We adhere strictly to the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This ensures highest standards of transparency, accountability and good governance. We have also taken several initiatives to benchmark our governance system with best practices globally.
The company is governed by a framework that defines the rights, roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. This facilitates all necessary checks, balances and incentives a company needs to manage the various stakeholders.